*** Welcome to Bora Madhusudan Balika Vidyalaya. ***

Message of Headmistress

“Asatoma sadgamaya
Tamosoma jyotirgamaya
Mrityorma amritamgamaya”

“From untruth , lead me to truth
From darkness, lead me to light
From death, lead me to immortality”

—-This has been the ideology of our prolonged journey from the very beginning, since 1957.Our collective vow is to inculcate the eternal truth of life by eradicating the darkness of ignorance as well as uneducation through beacon of the rays of enriched education. We –teachers, staff, students and parents solemnly should promise to build ourselves for achieving that goal without compromising any hindrance. All the students are a precious one in such a larger family of ours. Our Institution is always doing the endless task of flourishing their inner qualities of the soul along with physical abilities. It will only be succeeded when education makes us to reach its peak , covering all the possible spheres . Each and every student possesses unique talent in dormant ways which can be flourished if each one is provided proper environment along with the excellent schooling. Hopefully, we think these may only be implemented through our holistic approach. We hope, all our students will be able to establish themselves as a complete human being. Patriotism and fraternity will also be engraved in their minds. They never find themselves to be confined in a narrow sphere of thought and their bright presence will be observed in all aspects of life. A continuous upliftment of their mental abilities must enable them to reach their goal with a joyful manner. They will get the proper nourishment from this Institution in order to nurture their inner qualities. This Institution will ensure them to reach their goal. The Institution will only be glorified when that very moment will come. Our obsequious prayer to the Almighty God , is that, our Institution may find its way uninterruptedly to reach the peak of its success.

Thanking all,
Smt. Runa Roy
Head Mistress